A program with the tasks offered by Eurotraductor 2.0 shouldn’t overlook simplicity: many users are truly not “software experts”, but average people that come to the program looking to satisfy the need to translate texts. It would therefore be illogical to encounter a series of incomprehensible windows and dialogue boxes after running it.

Due to this, Eurotraductor 2.0 has a very simple menu bar: one button to load text, another for translating it and a third for saving it. It also has two buttons for printing, one for the text to be translated and the other for the translated text.

Besides saving the results and transfering them to paper, there remains a third option: sending it via email. To do this, the utility is compatible with the email client that is installed on your PC (for example, Microsoft Outlook).

Remember that Eurotraductor 2.0 is always consulting various dictionaries and online translation engines, therefore requiring online resources. If the consumption of bandwidth is imperceptible, it could be that the user is connected via a proxy. If this is the case, don’t worry: Online Translator can detect the proxy setting and configure it to send and receive data.